Yassine Zouggari

A few words about me:

My name is Yassine Zouggari. I'm currently a second-year engineering student in the beautiful city of Lyon, France (INSA Lyon rpz).

My free non-studying time is mostly spent software developing, reading random source codes on the interwebs, hacking, messing with my Arch install and watching TV series, not necessarily in that order.

I am a strong FSF supporter and the vast majority of all the projects I'm involved in are GPL licensed.

I've been browsing the internet under different pseudonyms over the years, and I am very thankful the 12-year-old me and his commentary CoD gameplays are compeletely unlinkable to my actual self. However, you may have heard of me under the name of Pomologue on various websites, mainly iPhoneAddict.fr / KultureGeek.fr as one of the main tech writers for many years, and as producer of Apple-related YouTube videos three-four years ago. As for pseudonyms, for the last couple of years, zoug (or, when not available, yzoug) are the ones I've been using.

My most popular one-man project to date is JB ToolBox, purchased and currently owned by I2C Media Ltd. (remained under the GPL). It has been downloaded more than 10 000 times by French-speaking iPhone/iPod/iPad jailbreakers around the world. Here's a presentation video (in French, of the very very first version), the source code and stats are available on SourceForge. However the project is no longer maintained as the appeal of jailbreak has slowly faded over the years.

My PGP public key can be found here and you can reach me at zoug at protonmail.ch.